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About Me

I am a journalist with over 17 years experience; ranging from online outlets to national newspapers via glossy magazines. Whether it’s producing passionate copy for an opinion piece, interviewing experts and delivering an accurate yet engaging health feature; or troubleshooting copy and making dull words sparkle for business clients, words are what I do.

I started my career on the Features team of a supplement at a national Sunday paper; from there I became a celebrity writer then celebrity editor and moved into women’s magazine with roles at Woman, Bella and Good Housekeeping. By going freelance I have added health, lifestyle and parenting features to my portfolio as well as re-writing website copy, formulating press releases and advising PR agencies on strategy.

If making your product shout about itself is your objective, then my skills could be what you need. If you are putting press material together then I can tell you with firsthand experience what journalists do and don’t like to receive; how to link your projects to a current trend and make your words stand out on the page or screen.


Your words are my business


I have written for a variety of national titles including Grazia, Platinum, Mother & Baby, Prima, Top Sante, Good Housekeeping, The Lady, Wedding Ideas and Sainsbury’s magazine. Whether it’s parenting, health, lifestyle or celebrity, I deliver accurate, clean and engaging features.


I can re-write existing marketing copy to make it sparkle, sell your business or simply sound better. By choosing words carefully, I can deliver the core messages at the centre of your business clearly. My clients have included fashion businesses, leisure companies and PR agencies; with all clients retaining me for future services.


I use my hands-on experience as a section editor who has worked on fast-paced news and features desks to advise and support new editorial ventures. From troubleshooting teething problems, adding authentic tone or suggesting strategy, my input is always consistent and considered.

Selected Works

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